Smoothing Systems

Peter Coppola Keratin Smoothing System

This Keratin Smoothing System infuses Keratin into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95 percent of frizz and curl from the hair. This leaves the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. This smoothing system is not a chemical.

It is “Skin care for your hair”. The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment it will leave it softer, silkier, straighter and shinier, faster and easier to blow-dry, reduces daily styling time and less maintenance.

Express by Keratin

This Express system is an brand new product from Keratin. The service lasts 6 weeks and the prep time is around 1 hour. This price starts at $90-125 depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

The pictures below are for the Regular Keratin Smoothing System.